Thursday, March 11, 2021

Save a Life Saver's Life by Sharing this Post

Help Save My Life Just by Sharing this Post:
I am a life-saver.  Now it's my life that needs saving.  And you can help simply by sharing this post.

As an EMT, Ambulance Attendant, Physiotherapist, and Chiropractic Physician, I have spent over 40 years caring for others, including:
  • saving lives at car accidents where I administered CPR 
  • resuscitating drug-overdosed teenagers
  • helping terminally ill patients, and 
  • treating chronic pain sufferers
Saul and Stephanie Hochman

  If you would like more information about becoming a donor, please contact:

Gloria Rothenberger
 Saul Hochman

Saul's documented life-saving work:
"This Week", a Stonybrook University publication, Sept. 29, 1974, p.2

Now I need someone to save my life.  I need a kidney to live.  Not necessarily your kidney, but someone's.  You can help me simply by sharing this post on FaceBook and elsewhere. Together we can find that angel willing to do the extraordinary by giving the gift of life to save my life.
Stephanie, Rachelle, Harrison, Edward, Phillip and Saul 

What I Need:
I have end-stage renal failure due to a genetic problem.  I have only 15% kidney function remaining and that's dropping.  I need an angel to step forward to save my life by donating a kidney (blood type O, but any blood type can donate through paired kidney exchange).  Tall order.  I know.  It's a big ask.  So I'm not asking.  But I am asking for help in another way - by sharing this post - even if you're not a donor.

Sharing this website address ( with a short message on Facebook or other social media mentioning can bring my need to the attention of someone who might be a donor.

Your help sharing this website with your FaceBook and other friends increases my chance of receiving a life-saving kidney transplant.

Who am I?
I am a chiropractor and a former EMT.  I have a devoted wife, Stephanie, and 4 wonderful children, Rachelle, Harrison, Edward and Phillip.  The greatest satisfaction I’ve had in my life has always been helping others.  But now the tables have turned.  I have end-stage kidney disease and, this time, I need help from others.

Saul Hochman

It is difficult for me to ask for help because I have always been a healthcare provider, caregiver, husband, father, and son.  I help others.  That's what I do.  It's not supposed to be the other way around.  But, unfortunately, it is.

My wish is to return to good health with a healthy transplanted kidney so that I can continue with my life’s work of caring for others. 
Saul and Stephanie

Sharing this website could help save my life.

About Kidney Transplant: A few short videos can summarize some of the information you might want to know about kidney transplants:

How to Help Me:
I need your help to find a kidney donor so I can live.   

Please give me a few minutes to tell the world about my need and this website (
  • Email: Send this website to your friends (all of them) by email.
  • Facebook: Post a small note on Facebook with a link to this website (icon above).
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Ask your contacts, readers, friends and acquaintances to share this post to give our message exponential distribution. 

  If you would like more information about becoming a donor, please contact:

Gloria Rothenberger
 Saul Hochman
Why this is So Serious - My Options: 
Most people have two well-functioning kidneys but can lead a full and equally healthy life with just one kidney.  Both of his kidneys are almost fully shut down.  So, Saul has only two option to continue living:
  • dialysis (diminshed quality of life)
  • transplant (a new lease on life)
According to USRDS data, Kidney transplant recipients fare far better than dialysis patients. 

Paired Kidney Exchange:
Syracuse Transplant Center participates in paired kidney exchanges. A paired kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap,” occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient.  If an incompatible donor wants to donate their kidney for Saul and is willing to participate in a donor swap, Saul's donor's kidney would be swapped with another donor's kidney that is incompatible with their recipient but whose kidney is compatible with Saul's body.  That saves two lives.  Sometimes, chains of donors and recipients are organized to save more than two lives. Yale has done as many as 9 transplants in a single chain of donors and recipients.

See also:
To Speak with Someone Confidentially:
If you'd like to speak with someone confidentially (without disclosing your inquiry to me), please mention my name (Saul Hochman) when you call:

  If you would like more information about becoming a donor, please contact:

Gloria Rothenberger
 Saul Hochman

They will not inform me of inquiries.  I learn of a donor only after that donor has completed testing and is approved for transplant.

Speaking with a staff member is much better than speaking with us.  They know far more than we do and you will get better information from them.  So please, feel free to contact them.

Keep in mind that a confidential phone call to the hospital does not come with any obligations to proceed further.  Your questions will be answered by a qualified person who is familiar with my case.

Also, see "What Kidney Donors Need to Know: Before, During and After Donation." 

Ned Brooks, Altruistic Kidney Donor
Founder of Donor to Donor

Another fantastic option for donors whose kidney doesn't match mine is Kidney Transplant Chain.  You can complete a brief Donor Interest Form to indicate your possible interest in kidney donation through which I can receive a compatible kidney and another person in the chain could receive yours.

Help Us by Sharing.  Unfortunately, "Likes" are Not Enough:
So, please help us by sharing this post with your Facebook and other friends.  Please do more than "like" or comment.  Likes and comments are the "hopes and prayers" of social media.  Shares = action, the action needed here.

Together, we can do this.  Sharing this post could help Saul immensely.  You could save his life.
I need your help to find a kidney donor so I can live.  

Thank you,
Saul Hochman and Family

About Costs: Reasonable cost reimbursement is legal.  Title III of The National Organ Transplant Act, 1984, Pub. L. 998-507, allows for reasonable payments associated with the removal, transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, and storage of human organs as well as for the expenses of travel, housing, and lost wages incurred by the donor of a human organ in connection with the donation of that organ.  While reimbursement of expenses is legal, payment for the acquisition of an organ is not.

In addition, our medical insurance covers the costs of medical care and hospitalization for the donor as well as for the recipient.


Some Stories and My Personal Message:
When I was younger, I witnessed a motor vehicle accident victim lying bloody on the asphalt receiving last rites from a Catholic Priest. I stopped my car, went to help the victim and gave life-saving CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  I watched with relief as the accident victim regained the breath of life.  His life was saved and my life was forever transformed. It was a miracle. I realized that even when faced with the certainty of imminent death, life was still possible. I was not going to give up until all possibilities of revival had been administered.

As I never gave up on anyone, I hope and pray that someone will recognize my contributions and  my zest for life - and won’t give up on me.

I was honored in the New York Daily News and other publications for “Heroism on the Highway,” but it goes much deeper than an article of recognition. When you help save a life, your own life takes on greater meaning and you are forever changed. The most dire situation can be reversed through human compassion and only then can the certainty of death turn to renewed hope and back to life again. Even in the faintest breath, there is life and even in a small glimmer of hope, there is light.

I also volunteered at the site of Ground Zero, near the rubble of the fallen Twin Towers just a few days after the catastrophe. The devastation and the smell of burning fuel will always linger in my mind. The brave firemen and rescue and recovery workers were still frantically searching through the debris for any sign of life.  Many of the workers themselves were injured from the physical strain of their valiant efforts and my squad was there to help them manage their pain.  NYPD directed us to St. Paul’s Chapel, directly across from the site, where we administered first aid and physical therapy to scores of injured workers. This experience was life-changing, life-affirming, and further reinforced my passion to help people during challenging times.

Throughout my life, I never thought twice when someone needed my help - never thinking that one day I might need to be at the mercy of another to save my own life.  That day has arrived and I can only hope that someone reads my story and will become my hero at this critical time in my life.

I have been advised by my doctors that if I receive a kidney transplant, I could return to my chiropractic practice and continue to make positive contributions to others.  I want to be with Stephanie, my devoted wife of 29 years, and our four fabulous children for a long time. My family still needs me and I hope to live to see grandchildren in the future.  I can only pray that a compassionate angel comes forward with a kidney so that I can regain my strength and return to my role as a healer and family man.